Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong has stepped up his verbal attacks on President-elect Donald Trump. A few days after siding with those protesting his election, he continued to show support for them and also wished Trump would be out of office as soon as possible.

“I f---ing hate Donald Trump," he said at a Q&A that was streamed on the band's Facebook's page (embedded below). "He’s not my President, he doesn’t represent a large half of the country, he doesn’t even represent the people that voted for him. There’s a working class people that wanted change and they were maybe somehow desensitized by all the racist rhetoric. I don’t think a lot of them actually are racist people, but the fact is that we voted him into office. Hopefully, something drastic will happen in the future where he’s not in office any more.”

While Armstrong was being vague on the definition of "something drastic," it may still be enough to raise a red flag in Washington, D.C. to clarify his remarks. In 2012, Ted Nugent said, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year,” warranted a visit from the Secret Service. Nugent was never charged with any crime.

Still, Armstrong told NME that he's still processing it, but is glad to see that many people haven't taken Trump's election lying down. “Well everything feels brand new right now, and pretty raw – but, but I don’t think anybody was prepared and that’s why you see so much shock and outrage right now,” he said. “Nobody thought Trump would win and that’s why everybody is scared out of their minds, but I think that when you get desperate and feel that you’re not heard. Already, you are starting to see demonstrations. for example there were 100,000 people in New York and there’s a lot more to come. I hope that continues.”

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