Smashing Pumpkins ringleader Billy Corgan has said some wild things throughout his career. From feuds with Courtney Love to claiming rock has been taken over by "posers," the alt-rock royalty has never been one to sugarcoat what comes out of his mouth. Even with that said, Corgan's recent comments about the Cure frontman Robert Smith seems hard to believe.

Speaking to Chicago radio station 93XRT during the Chicago Cubs baseball team's opening day on April 6, Corgan recalled a story about meeting Smith for the first time backstage at a Cure show.

“Robert tried to make out with me that night. And that’s not a joke,” Corgan said. “It was the first time I ever met Robert Smith and he tried to make out with me. I said I only like girls and he said, ‘That’s OK, I’m a girl,’ and then he threw up practically all over my shoes. That’s a true story.”

You can watch Corgan's comments yourself in the video below. Smith has not offered any response in regards to this story.

In related Smashing Pumpkins news, the band will release their forthcoming album 'Oceania' on June 18. It will be their first disc since 2007's 'Zeitgeist,' and is part of the massive 44-song ‘Teargarden by Kaleidyscope’ epic that Corgan started back in 2009. The musician has labeled 'Oceania' an "album within an album."

Watch Billy Corgan Talk About Robert Smith

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