Bjork's next studio project will be another collaboration with the Venezuelan producer Arca. Tri Angle Records founder Robin Carolan has previously revealed that this new material is going to "blow you all away."

Unfortunately, that's still about all we know. Bjork has now set up a pre-order page for the as-yet-unnamed project – but with blank, white images where the album-cover art would be. “I am excited to share with you that my new album is coming out very soon,” the Icelandic singer-songwriter added, via Twitter.

Arca also co-produced her most recent project, 2015's breakup-themed Vulnicura. "The last album, we sort of call it 'hell' — it was like divorce!" Bjork told AnOther Magazine. "So, we are doing paradise now, utopia. We have done hell, we have earned some points."

In the meantime, Bjork has launched a "360-degree virtual reality cinema experience" for her song "Stonemilker." The video, directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, originally debuted at exhibits in New York City and London. Fans can now watch it via an iPhone-compatible virtual reality headset; the clip can also be viewed through a "magic window" on iOS. The trippy video for "Mouth Mantra," directed by Jesse Kanda, couldn't have been more literal: It was actually filmed inside Bjork's mouth.

She has previously said these new studio efforts are part of a three-album arc with Arca, whose real name is Alejandro Ghersi.

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