Hailing from Tempeh, Az., Black Carl describes their sound as "desert soul." Fair enough -- they are soulful, and their new single 'The 1' does have a certain scorched, minimal sound. Grab the single, from their forthcoming record, 'The Wheel,' right here.

Black Carl began playing together in 2009 and turned a lot of heads with singer Emma Pew's soulful performance on the single 'The World' earlier this year. On 'The 1, ' we hear a new sparse minimalism almost in the vein of the xx, stemming from a spartan percussion with vocal harmonies and a lonely guitar hanging above.

"'The 1' got its start from some drums I chopped up and sequenced," drummer John Krause tells Diffuser.fm. "The lyrics and melody for the chorus just jumped out of my brain instantaneously, and we all liked the meaning and idea behind it."

"We all sat down and wrote the verses, and within 48 hours, we had a fully realized and finished recording," he adds.

From inception to finished product in 48 hours. Music moves fast these days. Check out 'The 1' below, so you can say you were hip to it before all of your friends started listening -- it won't be long.

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