New Jersey’s Black Clouds make pure, unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll. The foursome doesn’t fall prey to gimmicks or what’s in vogue. Rather, they pride themselves on a do-it-yourself approach and put plenty of passion and drive behind their music. This has led to two LPs -- 2008’s ‘Wishing Well’ and 2012’s ‘Better Days’ -- both of which the band funded, recorded and produced.

The group — made up of Dan Matthews (vocals, guitar), Rob Blake (vocals, guitar), Gary Moses (bass) and Cory King (drums) — creates a tighter sound on ‘Better Days,’ thanks in part to John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth), who mixed the record. The album captures the intensity of Black Clouds' live performances and the raw emotion that inspired songs like today’s free MP3 download, ‘I’ll Be Gone.’

“For me, ‘I’ll Be Gone’ is about when someone that you really trust betrays you in an almost unforgivable way,” Matthews tells, explaining the particular emotion that inspired the tune. “Nothing is more important than trust. It’s what love is built on and it’s when you’re most vulnerable. Nothing hurts more than broken trust.”

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