The British three-piece Black Foxxes have announced a new record Reiði' is on the way, and gave fans a taste with a video for the track "Manic In Me." You can watch the video above.

The album, produced by Adrian Bushby, is due March 16 via Spinefarm Records. It follows their tour behind 2016's I'm Not Well, after which singer and songwriter Mark Holley headed to Iceland for some solitude. “Once we get back from tour, it’s a completely different lifestyle, especially down here [in Exeter, England] in the middle of nowhere," he wrote in a release. "I have this need and burst to go and explore, or else I just get depressed and anxious. I’m basically singing about that [on Reiði]."

The album name itself is the Icelandic word for rage, which shows palpably in the "Manic In Me" video, as he sings of desperately needing to get away. Holley, who has been outspoken about his own struggles with anxiety and Crohn's disease, pours much of it into the band's music, but it's not all doom and gloom. Holley explains that the album is divided between a lighter first half and a darker second. "With our first record everything felt dynamically very similar," he wrote. “We’re very proud of what we did with it, but it was a barrage of aggression I was letting out. Being out in Iceland and stuff just opened my eyes to different dynamics. We don’t want to be one of those bands that just stays in one genre. We want to be one of those bands where people go, 'oh, what are Black Foxxes doing for this record?' We want to surprise people with new things."

Reiði available for pre-order.

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