There's a pretty cool story behind 'Let the Day Begin,' the first single off Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's new 'Specter At the Feast' album: It's a cover of a song by the Call, an '80s rock band that was fronted by Michael Been, father of BRMC's own Robert Levon Been and longtime sound man on the road. Sadly, Michael died a few years ago, and the Motorcycle Clubbers decided to pay tribute to their late mentor by recording a version of his band's biggest hit.

Unfortunately, none of that is apparent, suggested or even hinted at during the 'Let the Day Begin' video, which is little more than a reel of stock footage clips snipped together. Sure, the visuals sometimes line up with the tune's lyrics, so it has that going for it. But overall, it's hard not to see this one as a missed opportunity to tell a touching story.