The boys in Black Taxi have a swell sense of humor -- especially when it concerns the back-story of their new single, 'House on Fire.'

The song, which employs a bouncing chord progression and steel-crunching guitar work, didn't start out as emotional and epic as it is now.

"People hear the chorus and think its just about a relationship," singer Bill Mayo tells "If that were it, the song would be pretty corny. It's more about trying to rediscover a lust for life after the joy of youth has faded."

But don't be fooled by Black Taxi's nostalgic sentiments. There's still plenty of adolescence batting around their album 'Things of That Nature' and the downloadable song below.

"The song was originally written as 'I just want to get along like penis and vagina,' but nobody in the band thought that was cool except me," Mayo adds.

Sorry, Bill. We think your band made the right decision.

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