All hail Black Taxi, the winners of’s June 2013 Crucial Cut of the Month contest. The NYC foursome’s ‘House on Fire’ was the overwhelming pick for best free MP3 of the month, capturing 48 percent of the vote. Listeners may have connected with the song's sentiment, which according to lead singer Bill Mayo is a feeling of nostalgia for one's adolescence.

“It’s more about trying to rediscover a lust for life after the joy of youth has faded,” he told

Clearly, the meter hasn't run out on Black Taxi's joy de vivre, and their songs are packed with an energy that is only rivaled by their famed live shows, which sometimes even involve body paint.

That might be something worth exploring in Black Taxi’s Crucial Cut interview -- their prize, if you will, for winning Diffuser's contest. Check back later this month for that, and in the meantime, vote now for the Crucial Cut of July 2013.