New York’s Black Wing Halo dropped their second EP, ‘BWH,’ on June 25, and with it came five tracks of gritty punk infused with electronic elements and deep, foreboding vocals that fall somewhere between Trent Reznor and Tom Waits.

Although BWH began as the solo project of singer-guitarist Josh Weinstein, it soon expanded into the quartet it is today, with Stephanie Linn lending vocals, Doug McGregor on bass and Justin Hofmann on drums.

If this NYC foursome’s dark and brooding brand of punk sounds good on paper, check out today’s free MP3, ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.’ From the very beginning, the band offers up relentless guitar and thrashing drums, maintaining their momentum as they barrel toward the song’s end.

“‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’ sounds like that movie, ‘Funny Games,’ with Michael Pitt,” Weinstein told

The 2008 film he’s referring to follows two men who pose as country club members and torture an unsuspecting family at their lake house -- with no apparent motive behind their actions. So it’s confounding, ominous and aggressive? Yes, we think so.

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