Bow down to Black Wing Halo, winners of our latest Crucial Cut of the Month contest. Nearly 38 percent of respondents deemed the NYC foursome's 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie' the best free mp3 we gave away in July 2013, and that suggests a few things about our readers. One, they have good taste. Two, they like dark, walloping, electro-tinged punk. Three, they're into some pretty messed-up movies.

As group leader Josh Weinstein told, 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie' was inspired by the 2007 film 'Funny Games,' all about a pair of psychopaths that takes a family hostage. Scott Tobias of the AV Club described the flick as "relentlessly cruel but brilliantly conceived and executed," and the same might be said for the song, which appears on Black Wing Halo's recently released sophomore EP, 'BWH.'

What makes a person write such a song? We'll be sure to ask Weinstein when we conduct our Crucial Cut interview -- check back for that later this month -- but in the meantime, we're going to put such questions out of our head and blast this sucker at full volume.