A week ahead of its release, Blackberry Smoke are streaming their upcoming album, ‘Holding All the Roses,’ on Pandora. The Atlanta-based outfit’s latest record will be available to stream on the station now through Feb. 9. Take a listen here.

Rounder Records
Rounder Records

“I think that this record does a really good job of conveying what we do and what we’re about,” singer-guitarist Charlie Starr said in a press release. We can't help but agree with Starr, as ‘Holding All the Roses’ – which is the quintet’s fourth album – certainly continues the group’s tradition of straight-up, rollicking Southern rock.

‘Holding All the Roses’ will arrive on Feb. 10 via Rounder Records. Check out the LP’s complete 12-song track list below:

‘Holding All the Roses’ Track List
1. ‘Let Me Help You (Find the Door)’
2. ‘Holding All the Roses’
3. ‘Living in the Song’
4. ‘Rock and Roll Again’
5. ‘Woman in the Moon’
6. ‘Too High’
7. ‘Wish in One Hand’
8. ‘Randolph County Farewell’
9. ‘Payback’s a Bitch’
10. ‘Lay It All On Me’
11. ‘No Way Back to Eden’
12. ‘Fire in the Hole’

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