Last December, Portland, Ore. roots rockers Blitzen Trapper released a live album as a digital download via Bandcamp. Taken from a pair of shows recorded live at the Doug Fir Lounge in their hometown in 2013, the band has set a "name your price" amount for the album, allowing fans to dish out as much, or as little, as they so desire. (And yes, that means free, if you are so inclined.)

"We love you guys and to thank you for your support, we want to give you our newest official effort -- culled from three live sets we did last year in Portland. Hope you enjoy," reads, in part, a blurb on the band's website.

The 16-song set shows them in fine form. It was recorded by Jordan Inglee, and produced by Martin Gonzalez and Marty Marquis. Want to get your hands on the album? Head over to this location and name your own price!