Fresh from a U.S. tour with fellow New Wave icons Devo, Blondie return to their hometown of New York City this afternoon for a performance on YouTube Presents. is proud to stream this one-of-a-kind show, which kicks off at 4PM EST. (Watch below.) As frontwoman Debbie Harry, guitarist Chris Stein, drummer Clem Burke and the gang take the stage, expect to hear a mix of old favorites and tunes from their recently released ninth album, 'Panic of Girls.'

Formed in 1974, when computers were as big as rooms and you still had to leave your house to see live music, Blondie came of age in New York's storied CBGB scene. Initially a punk band, they proved more adventurous than many of their peers, experimenting with reggae ("Tide Is High"), hip-hop ("Rapture") and disco ("Heart of Glass"), among other styles, and influencing generations of pop stars, rock 'n' rollers and fashionistas.

Grab some black shades, lace up your Chucks and catch all the action below: