“I want to stay in a feeling like this,” Blouse frontwoman Charlie Hilton recites in ‘A Feeling Like This,’ singing with her simultaneously captivating and lifeless drawl. It makes sense then, that the song’s new video is populated with characters that don’t appear to be going anywhere. They’re all caught in a series of moments.

According to the gloom-pop trio, the song is about the “psychedelic experience,” and director Angus Borsos attempted to capture that in the new clip.

“I wanted to bring about the feeling (more clearly recognizable when experiencing psychedelics), where, for one brief moment — everything seemingly makes perfect sense,” Borsos said.

The video is made up of a of surreal images: a distraught man on the losing end of a game of checkers, a girl holding a pair of sheers to her hair, a man with a wickedly bad sunburn. None of them are connected, but they all manage to make seemingly mundane moments into something much more extraordinary.

Blouse’s sophomore album, ‘Imperium,’ is out now.