Rolling Stone magazine has uncovered the details of Bono’s recent cycling accident in New York’s Central Park; it's more intense than we expected.

Dr. Dean Lorich, an orthopedic trauma surgeon, told the magazine, “[The U2 frontman] was taken emergently to the operating room ... where the elbow was washed out and derided, a nerve trapped in the break was moved and the bone was repaired with three metal plates and 18 screws.” That surgery lasted five hours, and in addition, Bono's broken pinky on his left finger was repaired.

He also endured a “facial fracture involving the orbit of his eye,” three breaks on his left shoulder blade and the aforementioned elbow fracture -- which was reportedly so bad that the humerus bone in his left arm was shattered in six places and tore through his skin.

Fortunately, Dr. Lorich tells Rolling Stone that “a full recovery is expected,” though Bono will obviously need some serious physical therapy to get to that full recovery.

You can read Dr. Lorich’s full statement regarding the condition of Bono here.