Bono is known for often being on the giving end of his many philanthropic works; however, the hosts at Kevin Klein Live have started a crowdsourcing campaign that would put the Irish rocker on the receiving end of others’ good will this time around.

After having to cancel U2's ‘Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’ residency after a near-tragic cycling accident in Central Park, Bono has undergone surgery for an arm injury. According to the Live 105 hosts, the medical bills could be “astronomical.”

Thankfully, they’ve stepped in to lend a helping hand. The fundraising campaign has set a goal of $100,000. So far, they’ve racked up $55 (but it just started today, Nov. 18).

A $1 donation will get you a year’s worth of good karma, so just imagine what you might get for higher donations. Find out for yourself by watching the video above and visiting the campaign here. Hurry, though, the future of the iconic U2 frontman lies in your hands -- kind of.