While Bono recently apologized for inserting 'Songs of Innocence' into 700 million iTunes subscribers' clouds without their knowledge, it looks like he's now taking it back.

“I’m already working on the apology … for the apology,” he tells MOJO magazine. “Because I’m very proud of what we did. It’s one of the proudest moments in U2’s history.” Bono has been known to make big proclamations in the press (remember his New York Times column?) and rarely takes them back. But it looks like he's grown tired of saying sorry.

“I mean, come on,” he goes on. “Of the great crimes against mankind…? This is an honest mistake, and we’re just not going to lose sleep about it.”

The interview also delves into the making of the recent album as well as the issues they went through during the making of 'No Line On the Horizon.' Bono also opened up about his mother and losing her at 14.

The in-depth interview will be featured in MOJO's January 2015 issue -- with a headline on the cover reading, "Apologise? For what!?"