You may not know Los Angeles' Bootstraps by name. But if you've ever watched 'Parenthood,' 'Private Practice' or 'Grey's Anatomy,' you've probably heard their music.

Their melodic songs -- Jordan Becket, Chris Jaymes, David Quon (of We Barbarians) and Matt Aveiro (formerly of Cold War Kids) -- are filled with big, anthemic hooks.

Bootstraps recently filmed a live version of their song 'Oh CA' at Pulse Studios. It's a more intimate performance than the one found on the band's self-titled debut album. You can watch the video -- an exclusive premiere -- above.

'Oh CA' comes with a double meaning. Not only are they saying goodbye to California, they're also bidding farewell to a former flame. The vivid imagery that the lyrics paint is both sharp and bittersweet. And, wow, that hook. Check it out.