Julien Briffaz and Cosmo Vitelli, together known as the French duo Bot’Ox, return to the club scene with their second album 'Sans Dormir.' And to mark the occasion, Diffuser is serving up the very special Pachanga Boys remix of their track 'Basement Love.'

Describing the album and its first single, Briffaz told Diffuser.fm, "For this single, we wanted to leave behind the usual format of electronic music and write a slow-tempo song, which could be our way of making 'soul' music. Pachanga Boys managed to keep this touch of the original, and turned it into an endless psychedelic piece of modern dance music."

More power to the Pachanga Boys for putting such a unique spin on what was already a stand-out-from-the-pack EDM song. Grab the remixed 'Basement Love' below.

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