Brandon Flowers will drop his sophomore solo effort, The Desired Effect, in a couple of weeks on May 19, but in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Vegas singer-songwriter set the record straight on the future of his other gig, the Killers.

“There are a couple of remarks made by Dave [Keuning], our guitar player, that made [the Killers’ future] sound a little bit more ominous than it really was," Flowers explained. "And so it makes people wonder. But, no, everything is fine.”

“I’ve been talking to Dave, and he hasn’t sounded this excited about making music in a long time,” the singer continued. “So that, in turn, makes me excited. I feel like when he’s at his best, and when we’re all collaborating, is when the Killers are their best, and that’s what we really need. I’ve said it before -- I think we need a little bit of a kick in the pants, and hopefully it’s coming.”

“We really need to find a way to get a little bit of that drive and that hunger back that we had earlier on,” he added, “and not just look at it as an opportunity to make more money and make a record and go on tour.”

Flowers also recounted a few of the times he’s had choice words about his own music and the music of others. As Rolling Stone noted, the Killers frontman once said the band’s sophomore album, Sam’s Town, was “one of the best albums in the past 20 years.”

“I didn’t know it was going to be so controversial. I was just excited,” he explained. “I put my foot in my mouth quite a bit in the early days.”

Likewise, the singer once said Kanye West made him “ill,” which he clarified in the new interview.

“Everyone’s afraid to say anything contrary to him being a genius,” Flowers said. “I’m not going to tear him down, but I will say I find that to be frustrating.”

“A lot of people might agree with me now. I may have been a little bit ahead of my time,” he added. “But I think he wants to be good. I think he wants to be great, and that’s something we all strive for. We’ve just got different roads of getting there.”

Read Flowers' complete interview here.

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