Brass Bed have a solid track record. They've been cranking out their uniquely infections brand of psych-pop since 2008, and their first two full-lengths (2008's 'Midnight Matinee' and 2010's 'Melt White') earned them plenty of accolades. Now, we're pleased to present their new single 'A Bullet For You' for free download.

At first blush, the song's title sounds pretty sinister, but it unfolds with an emotional sensitivity and poignancy that takes us by surprise. "I'd rather take a bullet for you," singer Christiaan Mader croons over jangly guitars and plodding, almost weary percussion.

Mader tells, "'Bullet' a is singularly important song to me personally -- arguably the most emotionally bare on 'The Secret' -- but I think it speaks universally to those who feel like what they want most is too hard to get, but that to stop striving would destroy their identity."

"If I stop, will I still be me?" the lyrics ask. It's a pensive, introspective journey of a track -- and a catchy one! Download it below.

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