The guys of Brave Young Lion are fresh out of college, and their debut EP, ‘Same Old Game,’ is filled with smart indie-rock reflecting on that often-confusing time when 20-somethings are just coming into their own.

At least that’s the case for today’s free MP3, ‘122A,’ which you can download below. The fuzzy yet atmospheric track bobs along with impressive guitar work. All the while, lead singer and guitarist Rico Turrubiarte thinks back on the time he and his bandmates — Hunter Cannon, Spencer Turrubiarte and Brian Shovlin — spent in their college apartment at the University of North Texas.

“The song is a metaphor for the inconsistencies we encounter throughout our lives, particularly when we are young,” Turrubiarte tells

“122A, a college apartment that we lived in together as a band during our early years of college, personifies the one consistency among the entrances and exits of relationships throughout that confusing time, that I feel most people experience at some point in their lives,” he adds. “We all experienced 122A together, yet from different perspectives in the beginning we grew differently from it.”

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