Some dude made posters for every single 'Breaking Bad' episode, and they're a thing of beauty.

About four months ago, right around the time one of the best TV shows ever made decided to pull the plug and make our lives seem totally worthless, Hungarian designer Zsutti started creating posters for every single episode. That's five seasons. That's 62 episodes. That's a lot of great imagery to put down on paper.

And he recently just wrapped up his project. You can see all five sprawling pages of awesomeness on the Posterology site.

The best part? The prints are for sale. So you can hang a 21"-by-28" piece of art on your wall that depicts that time Walter White was walking around in his tighty whiteys. Or that time a turtle strolled by with some guy's head riding on its shell. Or that time Gus Fring had his face blown off. All the pivotal moments are here.

We're not exactly sure what Zsutti's next project will be now that he's wrapped 'Breaking Bad' (he's suggested 'Hannibal' or 'House of Cards'). But we have a have few other favorite TV shows in mind -- and a room that's dying for something in red.

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