It's been more than four months since 'Breaking Bad' ended, and we still feel a little empty when Sunday night rolls around. As much as we love 'The Walking Dead' and 'Game of Thrones,' we miss Walter White and his adventures in meth cooking.

At least we can revisit some of Walter's best-ever moments in a funny video based on Facebook's new "A Look Back" feature, which compiles users' greatest posts, pics and links based on their history.

And Walter's is totally awesome. After dispensing with the usual "Look Back" slideshow intros (we learn that Walter joined in 2006, for example), we get to some of his most-liked posts on Facebook: his sweet new RV (where he cooked his first batches of meth), calling Jessie a "b----" (complete with an "LOL") and a frowny face during his "s---ty day" of chemotherapy. You can watch the clip above.

The minute-long video -- which was created by South African comedy duo Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues -- is accompanied by a nostalgic piano melody that belies the brutality behind some of these favorite moments (that new hat is awesome and all, but fans of the show know that it also turned Walter into a heartless monster).

The uses of "WTF" and "YOLO," as well as a hashtag in one photo, show that Walter wasn't immune to online colloquialisms from time to time. And he was really proud of his family at first . . . until piles of cash and little packets of blue rock began consuming his life.

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