Even though 'Breaking Bad' has been off the air for almost half a year now, some genius out there grabbed some of our favorite scenes from the series and remixed them to create some truly fantastic songs.

YouTube user placeboing has spliced together split-second slices of 'Breaking Bad' dialogue, repeated them in rhythm and then layered all that on top of funky, upbeat instrumental beats in a set of videos. The results are nothing short of spectacular.

It's interesting to see, and hear, just how well so many insignificant events on the show -- like Jesse slapping a dashboard or an offhand finger snap -- can be repeatedly used in order to keep twisting and turning the music in different directions.

The most intriguing thing about these remixes is how they incorporate so many pivotal scenes from the series while never giving anything away. placeboing's videos include plot points that are completely jaw-dropping within their contexts and helped cement 'Breaking Bad''s place in TV history. But the way that they're utilized in the videos . . . wow!

From Tuco, Gus and  Mike to Saul, Jesse and Walter -- along with Todd, Hank, Hector Salamanca and even Gale -- most of our favorite characters made the cut. Our favorite mix is above, but check out two bonus tracks below and watch DJ Heisenberg drop the beat.

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