Like everyone else on the planet, we're all shaky and breaking out in cold sweats in anticipation of the final eight episodes of 'Breaking Bad,' the first of which premieres this Sunday (Aug. 11). What's in store for our favorite meth cookers and dealers? Wait! Don't tell us. We hate spoilers. But we love songs about Walter and Jesse's favorite crystal-blue persuasion. Our list of the Top 'Breaking Bad' Songs are all about crystal meth and other drugs to keep you going for a weekend-long binge of the show's entire terrific five-season run. And while you're at it, be sure to check out our 'Breaking Bad' playlist, featuring songs you might hear on Walter's iPod.

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    'Ask Her for Adderral'

    The Hold Steady

    The narrator of 'Ask Her for Adderral' is near the bottom. Having almost died of an overdose, he's living on someone's couch, and his band is a total failure. He pretty much depends on his friends, including an ex who may be able to hook him up with some amphetamines. It's not exactly meth, but it's close enough and way more accessible for the tweaking protagonist.

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    'Geek Stink Breath'

    Green Day

    The dude in Green Day's 1995 modern-rock hit is deep into his crystal-meth addiction, and it's taking its toll on him. His teeth are rotting, he's picking at the scabs on his face and his body is falling apart, piece by piece. "I'm blowing off steam with methamphetamine," he sings. But he's also digging himself an early grave.

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    'Semi-Charmed Life'

    Third Eye Blind

    'Semi-Charmed Life' was the biggest hit on our list of the Top 'Breaking Bad' Songs. That might be because the track's sunny melody and singalong chorus disguised what was really going on. In addition to all the numb sex taking place, there's a line about "doing crystal meth lift[ing] you up until you break." It may not be the most productive way to spend the afternoon, but we're pretty sure businessmen Walter and Jesse wouldn't disapprove.

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    'Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers'


    Apparently Primus' 1991 song is about various working-class people (like, say, truck drivers) using methamphetamine to get their jobs done. But Les Claypool's clipped vocal delivery and far-from-crystal-clear lyrics sorta obscure the point. Still, not all meth-heads are chilling on the couch playing 'Black Ops 2'; some are hauling ass to get stuff done.

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    'You and Your Crystal Meth'

    The Drive-By Truckers

    There's no mistaking the tone of 'You and Your Crystal Meth.' Patterson Hood lays it down with the very first line: "You've become such a mess ... / You lost your family and wrecked your truck / I used to love you, but now you suck." Meth has really done a number on Hood's pal in this downbeat song, somberly buried in a haunting, stripped-down arrangement that sounds like a sweat-soaked nightmare.

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