Bridges and Powerlines continually look for ways to improve upon their sound, citing the harmony-driven three-minute pop-song structure as a driving force behind their music. The indie-pop band has garnered critical success with their 2006 self-titled debut EP and two full-length albums, ‘Ghost Types’ (2008) and ‘Eve’ (2001), which have landed them on some bands-to-watch lists.

For their forthcoming mini-LP, ‘Better,’ the Brooklyn-based band drew inspiration from their surroundings and some bad breakups. Work on ‘Better,’ due out May 21, began in late 2012, and along the way, the group got some help from members of Bon Iver, who guested on the record, as well as from producer Kieran Kelley (Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Illinois') and Adam Lasus (Yo La Tengo, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah), who handled mixing duties.

That brings us to ‘Bushwick,’ which we're offering up as today's free MP3 download. One of the mini-LP’s six tracks named after Brooklyn neighborhoods, ‘Bushwick’ is a hopeful anthem with relentless guitar and drums and lead singer Andrew Wood’s equally powerful vocals. As Wood tells, the track set the tone for 'Better.'

“Our new record is about getting over a bad year, and ‘Bushwick’ is the centerpiece of that theme," he says. "It’s optimistic but jittery, like when the second cup of coffee hits after a night of slightly overindulged fun.”

“Musically, we love the guitar angularity and the pounding drums," Wood adds. "We wrote ‘Bushwick’ in about 15 minutes without thinking much about what we were doing, and it’s been a fun song to play live and record.”
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