During Bring Me the Horizon’s performance at the NME Awards, frontman Oli Sykes climbed on top of Coldplay’s table and absolutely destroyed it in his wake.

Both bands were up for awards and slated to perform at the award ceremony in Austin last night (Feb. 17). Bring Me the Horizon delivered a blistering rendition of “Happy Song” from last year’s That’s the Spirit, with Sykes making his way through the audience and eventually on top of Coldplay’s table. The table soon collapsed underneath all of his stomping, somewhat tragically sending many bottles of champagne rolling to the floor. Watch the whole thing transpire in the video at the top of the page.

It’s plausible Sykes was exacting revenge for similarities between the two band’s album covers. After Coldplay revealed the artwork for their most recent full-length A Head Full of Dreams, Sykes called out the English alt-rockers for “jackin our steez hard” in a tweet he later deleted. A Head Full of Dreams and Bring Me the Horizon’s 2013 album Sempiternal both prominently feature the flower of life symbol. You can reference both album covers at the bottom of the page.

After the performance, Chris Martin reportedly said he had never heard of Bring Me the Horizon before but praised the band’s table-crushing performance: “It was great, very rock and roll.”

BMTH took home NME’s Innovation award, while Coldplay won the Godlike Genius Award.

Bring Me the Horizon, 'Sempiternal'


Coldplay, 'A Head Full of Dreams'