Broken Anchor's debut album, 'Fresh Lemonade,' finds L.A. singer-songwriter Austin Hartley-Leonard delivering some deceptively sunny indie-pop about relationships gone wrong.

At least that's the case with ‘Canada,’ today’s free MP3. Despite the abundance of happy-sounding “oh-ohs,” this is not a love song to our friends up north. Instead, it's all about banishing an ex to another country.

“‘Canada’ is a song about telling someone -- someone you’ve most likely been naked with at some point -- that you’re done, you’re sick of their s--- to the point of not caring, and they could fly away to Canada for all you care,” Hartley-Leonard tells “It’s pretty heartwarming.”

OK, so maybe "heartwarming" is the wrong word, but it is pleasing to the ear, and it'll have you singing along to the words, “Fly away to Canada.” In terms of the song’s actual message, at least Hartley-Leonard isn’t specific. He could mean the Canadian tundra or simply Vancouver, and the latter wouldn’t be such a terrible exile, right?

'Fresh Lemonade' lands Sept. 17, but head over to the pre-sale page, where you can purchase the CD or other bonus packages offering additional Broken Anchor goodies.

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