Broken Bells delve deeper into make-believe with their video for 'Holding On For Life,' the next chapter in their 'After The Disco' saga.

'After the Disco' is both a short film and forthcoming album from Broken Bells, and tells the story of a futuristic world of romance and interstellar dance parties. 'Holding on for Life' is the second installment, following the 'Angel and The Fool' prologue. The film series is directed by Jacob Gentry, and follows space cadets Oliver, played by Anton Yelchin, and Helen, played by Kate Mara.

The video includes the Broken Bells' own James Mercer and Danger Mouse as bouncers who provide mind-altering substances at an intergalactic disco, setting up the tangled affair between Oliver and Helen. 'Holding on For Life' leaves the two brokenhearted and questioning their perceptions, with the next episode in the tale coming soon.

'After the Disco' will be released on Jan. 14, and 'Holding on for Life' is available for download via iTunes now.

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