On Sept. 9, Brooklyn Shanti released his latest album, ‘Bedstuyle,’ via Someplace Called Brooklyn, to critical acclaim. He's been a producer, he’s been an emcee and he’s widely regarded as hip-hop’s official cultural ambassador to India. Today (Nov. 19), though, Diffuser is excited to show fans the beautifully melodic side of Shanti with the debut of the music video for ’33 1/3.’ Check it out above.

In addition to ’33 1/3’ being featured on Shanti’s new record, his label also released an EP specifically for the track; besides the original acoustic version, the EP highlights a drum and bass remix and an electronic remix.

“33 1/3 is the rotations per minute which a record travels at -- and we as artists embed messages onto these records. In this song, I’m just wondering if we’ve all lost the plot and are headed closer to the ultimate destruction of what we hold so dear in music and how we experience it by allowing so much corporate control,” Shanti tells us. “When I think a little too much about this, I commence drinking just to shut off my heart and mind.”

In October, Shanti gave a TED talk about his professional history and his personal outlook on music. You can check out video of his conversation -- and stay up-to-date with everything happening in his world -- at his official website here.