Brothertiger is the vision of John Jagos, denizen of Athens, Ohio, who started the project while a freshman at Ohio University. After releasing a pair of EPs, 'Apache Feathers' and 'Vision Tunnels' -- both of which stirred up favorable media buzz from the likes of Pitchfork et al -- Jagos released his debut full-length, 'Golden Years,' on Mush Records this spring. 'I've Been Waiting' is one of the album's gems, just over three minutes of laid-back electro fuzz and a must-have for your summertime music rotation.

Jagos describes himself as a mainstay of the "Athens house party scene" -- so in case you were wondering, yes, there is a house party scene in Athens, Ohio. And presumably Brothertiger is what it sounds like.

His label describes the sound on his debut 'Golden Years' as "what Ariel Pink might’ve sounded like if he’d been fixated on disco and new wave instead of classic rock." But it's less tortured than that. In 'I've Been Waiting' we find a perhaps disco-inspired beat but also an ebullient sound that transports keyboards and affected vocals to the hazy, easy feel of a summer day. Which may have something to do with his site's assertion that he's "gained a reputation for intense joyfulness."

But he also describes his tunes as rife with "details and ideas that only reveal themselves with repeated listens." We agree. Download the song now and listen to your heart's content.
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