Just as it should, veteran singer-songwriter Bryce Midas' catalog reads like a living narrative, an autobiography in the making. In this melodious chapter, Midas gets married.

'Lady of the Lake' had its debut airing before a backdrop of the sun setting over a lake at the foot of Montana's Gunsight Mountain, with only one person in the audience. "I played it for her right after we got married on a beach in Glacier National Park," Midas told Diffuser.fm. "And then we climbed the mountain the next day."

"Yeah," he added. "I'm adorable".

Seriously, people. We couldn't have made this up. It's too damn cute. Snarkiness aside, though, the song is beautiful, humble and honest. Its simpleness evokes images of an enamored Laura Wilder and amber waves of grain. Like Damien Rice eating apple pie with CSNY, Bryce hums softly over a trilling acoustic bluegrass riff. "Walkin' through the fallen leaves, go together like a pair of thieves," he sings, and though he's nearly whispering, the song just screams American Dream.

Disclaimer: If you're the kind of guy that gets ill at the sight of your happy-couple friends, this one's not for you. Otherwise, get a load of 'Lady of the Lake' below.

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