Butch Walker has founded the Autumn Leaves Project, a partnership with the non-profit organization, the Nikki Mitchell Foundation, which is dedicated to finding a cure and raising awareness around pancreatic cancer.

“Pancreatic cancer doesn’t give you a chance to reconcile with it, doesn’t let you make plans sometimes or prepare for the ending; it just usually sneaks up on you and gives you no warning until it’s too late,” Walker says in a press release. “We need better programs for pre-screening, we need more affordable alternatives to the methods and drugs that are out there to cope once it’s diagnosed and, most importantly, we’ve got to find a cure for it.”

The singer-songwriter has dedicated his new organization to his late father, Butch Walker, Sr. In conjunction with the Nikki Mitchell Foundation, Autumn Leaves will offer aid to those suffering from the disease as well as their families. It will take particular focus on ailing musicians and artists without sufficient healthcare to combat the illness.

Autumn Leaves will take donations, and Walker also plans to sell limited-edition t-shirts at his upcoming tour, with proceeds benefitting his new venture.

Walker dropped his most recent full-length, Afraid of Ghosts, earlier this year. See a complete list of his tour dates here.

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