First it was Lou Reed's music equipment, then it was Joe Strummer's '63 Thunderbird. Now, music fans can get their hands on another piece of history, this time in the form of furniture.

In a recent Los Angeles Craigslist advertisement, the "original angry chair from Alice in Chains' 'Angry Chair'" can be yours for just $1,500 -- or your best offer. "This is the same angry chair sat in by none other than Layne Staley! Own a piece of rock [and] roll history," the posting reads.

Apparently, the individual selling the angry chair was a production assistant on the set for the music video in 1992. After the shoot, he took the chair home, but now he needs to "downsize" because "I'm just not as angry as I used to be."

While the price tag might be a bit steep for what looks like a fairly standard -- and unauthenticated -- chair, the seller is more interested in passing it on to a true Alice in Chains fan. "Email with your favorite AIC album and why you think you're angry enough for the chair," he says. "Money isn't important to me, just want to give the angry chair a good home."

If you think you're angry enough for the angry chair, check out the Craigslist ad here. And to get a reminder of what the chair looked like, watch the video from '92 below.

Alice in Chains' Official Music Video for 'Angry Chair'