Ever wanted to own a piece of equipment that maybe had something to do with 'I'm Waiting for the Man,' 'Sweet Jane' or any of the other classic songs the late Lou Reed wrote and recorded?

Here's your chance: Some of the music equipment that belonged to Reed is now for sale.

An eBay auction of various gear and instruments started today. The sale was announced on Reed's Facebook page, and the first few items -- including keyboards, a pre-amp and effects pedals -- are currently up for sale and bid on the site.

As the post points out, "Most important guitars, amps and effects will be kept by Sister Ray Enterprises for his archive, [but] there are many pieces of musical gear and road cases that need to be sold. Over the next few weeks these items will be auctioned through eBay. The proceeds will go towards the work that is underway to develop the Lou Reed Archive."

Reed passed away last year of liver disease at age 71. In his five decades of music, he was responsible for shaping an entire genre of dark, experimental sounds with his groundbreaking albums with the Velvet Underground and solo records like 'Berlin.'

While chances of obtaining a guitar used in the Velvets' day probably isn't likely -- "All of these items were kept at Sister Ray Enterprises and were used by Lou and his band on tour," states the auction -- there is a good chance that one of those effects pedals maybe was switched on by Reed's foot for 'Heroin' sometime during its call of duty. Or maybe not.

More equipment will be going up for sale over the next few weeks.

Here's a live clip from 1972 of Reed performing one of his Velvet Underground classics, which may or may not have included use of gear now for sale:

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