Camera Obscura are gearing up to release 'Desire Lines,' their first new album in four years, on June 4. To generate excitement, the band premiered the uptempo new track 'Do It Again' via BBC Radio 6 yesterday (April 15.) The one thing you will want to do after listening to this track is do it again -- as in, you'll hit the repeat button over and over.

Give a listen below and enjoy this delightful slice of easy-on-the-ears indie pop. When they sing, "Let's do it again," you will feel compelled to go along for the ride, and do "it" again, no matter what "it" is!

It's also one of those songs that has a movie soundtrack vibe. You could totally envision it being the background track to a montage or a fast-moving scene where the main character needs to get dressed and ready for a big date or huge event in his or her life. It has that kind of subtle yet uplifting urgency.

Listen to Camera Obscura's 'Do It Again'

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