Carey Lander, the keyboardist for Scottish indie-pop outfit Camera Obscura, has died of cancer. In a statement, her bandmates write Lander “passed away peacefully this morning after her illness with cancer.” Read their entire message below:

It is with the greatest sadness, that we must share the news that Carey passed away peacefully this morning after her illness with cancer. We have lost our friend and band mate, and our deepest sympathy goes out to her partner Kenny, and to all her family and friends.

She was touched by the way you all got behind her campaign forSarcoma UK and you can still donate here:

We shall be continuing to help promote the campaign on her behalf.

She was left in doubt how much you all loved and appreciated her, and we’d like to thank you all for the support and kind words you have been sending to us and her. The band, our music, and all of you who have enjoyed it over the years, meant so much to her.
Thank you all, Tracyanne, Gavin, Kenny and Lee x

Lander was originally diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer, osteosarcoma, in her leg in 2011. She suffered a relapse earlier this year, which forced the band to cancel all of their upcoming 2015 tour dates back in August.

Lander joined Camera Obscura in 2002 after the Glaswegian band’s debut, Biggest Bluest Hi Fi. She has recorded and toured with the band ever since, appearing on four more albums between 2003’s Underachievers Please Try Harder and 2013’s Desire Lines.

At the time of their tour cancelation, Lander wrote she was pleased to have been able to record new music with Camera Obscura in recent years. She also implored fans to donate to finding a cure for osteosarcoma:

Particularly horribly, it's a cancer that most commonly occurs in children and because of its rarity, receives scarce attention or funding and there has been very little in the way of new treatments developed in the last 30 years. It's probably too late to help me, but it would be great if we could find something in the future that means children don't have to undergo such awful treatment and have a better chance of survival.

You can donate to that cause at this location.

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