Camera2 join the pool of Brooklyn indie musicians fusing pop with electronica, but for once, you won't find a guy-girl duo.

Producer, songwriter and vocalist Andy Chase (Juliana Hatfield/Smashing Pumpkins) formed the band midway through last year to support their debut, 'Just About Made It,' which he penned as a solo effort in his home studio. The EP's title track has since received extensive airplay in the Los Angeles area, as famed radio host Nic Harcourt took a liking to Camera2's retro-futuristic sound -- music Judy Jetson might blast in her room as George rants from outside about "all the noise."

Sadly, the story behind the single doesn't end as happily as a 'Jetsons' episode. "The song 'Just About Made It' is based on a terribly sad conversation I had with a girl I cared about very much," Chase says. "Most of the lyrics in the song are sentences she said to me during that talk, about how she felt towards me. The only words in the song I actually spoke to her are in the chorus, where I said, 'Well, we just about made it.' She responded, 'No, we were now just about faded.'"

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