In a new commercial set in 1661, Captain Morgan interrupts a boring formal affair and spends the night partying in a basement, drinking Black Spiced Rum and enjoying the bluesy garage rock stylings of a song performed by Hanni El Khatib, an L.A.-based musician who sounds an awful lot like the Black Keys.

The music in the 60-second spot is 'You Rascal You,' El Khatib's modernized cover of a song popularized decades ago by Louis Armstrong. The commercial focuses on a young lady, who engages in tame ballroom dancing with a group of men wearing white wigs. Suddenly, Captain Morgan enters the scene, looking out of place with his long hair and bright red jacket.

The fierce guitars of 'You Rascal You' begin playing as the rebel and the girl flee through a secret passage down to the basement. There, they enjoy dinner and drink by candlelight with a group of outcasts, including a magician and a man who carries a snake. The girl has way more fun than she did at the boring party upstairs, and a voiceover declares, "Step into the black. The new darker, bolder spiced rum."

The Black Keys influence on the song 'You Rascal You' is apparently no coincidence. El Khatib will be recording his next album with the Keys' Dan Auerbach, according to LA Weekly. El Khatib has opened for Florence + the Machine and had his music used in Nike and Nissan ads.

Hear Hanni El Khatib's 'You Rascal You' in the Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum Commercial