'Desperate Housewives' actor James Denton stars in a commercial for Caractere, a fragrance for men by Daniel Hechter. The ad incorporates part of the rock tune 'Lab Baby' by British duo Earthling.

The video begins with Henton and a couple of smartly dressed friends heading to an outdoor cafe. A young woman seems taken with the actor and walks over to find him. He silently greets her, wraps a necktie around her neck and walks off.

It's one of those strange plots often seen in fragrance commercials, where the vibe and atmosphere are more important than having a logical storyline.

Earthling, a British act comprising vocalist Mau and producer Tim Saul, got together in the mid-'90s and released two trip-hop albums before splitting. After more than a decade apart, Earthling reunited, issuing a new record, 'Insomniacs' Ball,' in 2011 and a statement that read in part, "We came back to rid ourselves of the insomnia, the nausea, the past and the cold journey to the end of every day and night." 'Lab Baby' appears on that new album.

Hear Earthling's 'Lab Baby' in the Caractere by Daniel Hechter Commercial

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