Ready to celebrate the format you probably forgot you hated (or, if you were born after 1997, didn't know existed)? Taking a significant cue from the success of Record Store Day, the second annual Cassette Store Day is set for Sept. 27.

While Record Store Day exists to bring business back to brick and mortar establishments, Cassette Store Day is focused on getting folks to again buy compact cassettes -- the most popular format for listening to music 25 years ago -- whether the purchases are in person or online.

But like RSD, CSD (conceived by U.K. record labels and spearheaded in America by Burger Records in Fullerton, Calif.) also boasts new and previously unreleased offerings. So far, this year's event will see cassette releases from the Gaslight Anthem (pictured above), They Might Be Giants, Foxygen, Chuck Ragan and many more. Check out the ever-expanding list here.

Wondering why anyone would ever want a cassette again? Maybe this BBC report from last year will help you understand: