Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall, took the stage on the BBC TV show 'Later With Jools Holland' last night (April 9) to perform a brand-new song, a delicate, lilting, painfully powerful ballad called 'Bully.' The tune featured her delicate voice accompanied only by a haunting piano melody, and it didn't need anymore window dressing. It was that commanding.

Marshall performed the song standing behind her mic, with her hands stuffed into the pockets of her denim shirt while fidgeting quite a bit. It was almost as though she was uncomfortable unveiling and sharing what felt like a deeply personal song.

Her short, bleached-blonde hair was messy and disheveled, but her unkempt look fit the emotional heft of the material. It wasn't about anything else but this song, its lyrics and her affecting and fragile voice.. If you weren't moved by this performance, well, then it's time to check for a pulse.