Brooklyn trip-pop DJ Cayce is a bit of an anomaly and most certainly an enigma. The emerging electronic artist has never shown his face publicly or given an interview, and he claims that his art is, in fact, a secret society. Today, we have his latest single 'Curtis Punk,' and despite all the mystery, the music speaks for itself. Fans of Daft Punk, smiling ear-to-ear, and Molly will most certainly be pleased by the dance-pop number. Recently signed to Brooklyn-based No Shame Records, Cayce has been heavily buzzed about over the last year.

Feeding his own reputation for secrecy, Cayce told, "The universe has called on its disciple. A catalyst born from the rare, free man of the earth to rejoin humanity with its quest for an equanimous future, where power and greed are traits of bygone generations. The movement has already begun. Its essence is derived in the people's purest creations."

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