With a little rock and roll and a whole lot of electronics, Celldweller is a master at creating rich, dynamic and ear-piercing soundscapes, one unforgettable beat at a time. Today (May 22), Diffuser is thrilled to partner with the artist to premiere his gorgeous new music video for “Lost in Time” -- check it out above.

The track is found on the first album of the four-part End of an Empire series, Chapter 01: Time. Released in September of last year, Celldweller has since continued Empire, recently giving fans Chapter 02: Love and Chapter 03: Dreams (you can find all of his music here); Chapter 04 is due out later this year.

Featuring a constantly-evolving rhythm in a lush environment, “Lost in Time” receives a powerful visual treatment with its all-polygon, futuristic music video, courtesy of Animattronic. Oh, and there are dinosaurs!

"As a kid, I was a huge dinosaur fan," Celldweller tells us about his new music video. "They are the perfect example of a species lost in time. What would make dinosaurs cooler? Turning them into cyborgs with lasers!"

Make sure to grab more information on End of an Empire -- along with everything else happening in Celldweller's world -- at his official website.