The court kerfuffle between actor Scott Baio and Nancy Mack, the wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, appears to be over — and apparently not the way Baio might have wanted.

As previously reported, Mack and Baio butted heads late last year, when they attended a function for the school both of their children attend and ended up in a confrontation that allegedly included Mack "berating and cursing" Baio before "grabbing, shaking, and pushing" him — a physical intrusion she reportedly explained by saying she was only trying to demonstrate for Baio, an outspoken Donald Trump supporter, the way "Trump hugs women."

According to TMZ, the district attorney has declined to pursue charges in the case, apparently saying the alleged assault "wasn't that bad." As the tabloid points out, local ordinances discourage authorities from going to court without "a reasonable chance of winning a conviction"; the report suggests demographics in the county may have made convicting Mack "a pipe dream."

Fans don't need to guess how Smith felt after seeing his wife vindicated. Although he's since deleted it, Consequece of Sound has preserved a tweet he posted after their day in court, in which he directed "Chachi" — the name of the character Baio played on Happy Days — to "eat a bag" of a certain male anatomy. Presumably directed by his family's legal team to keep those sentiments off social media, Smith quickly thought better of it, but the screencap lives on.

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