John Travolta and Chad Smith both made return guest appearances with the Foo Fighters last night (Jul. 14) in Wantagh, NY. You can watch the moments below.

In April, Dave Grohl presented Travolta to a Florida festival crowd, although the actor only walked onto the stage, hugged the frontman and waved before leaving again. This time, while the band played their cover of Grease anthem “You’re the One That I Want,” Travolta mimed along and delivered a few dance moves from the 1978 film. But he once again refused an invitation to speak to the crowd, and soon left the stage. “Ladies and gentlement, this is a Foo Fighters show, you know that, right?” Grohl said. “You get John Travolta coming out.”


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Smith returned to once again help the Foo Fighters cover the Faces track “Stay With Me,” while Grohl’s sticksman Taylor Hawkins took over lead vocals. “He can’t not play drums if he comes to our show,” Hawkins observed. “It’s true,” Grohl agreed. “But why not?”

Last year Smith recalled how he lost a prank war with the Foo Fighters while they and the Chili Peppers were touring together in 1999. On a number of occasions he’d arranged for things to fall on Hawkins while he played – thousands of M&Ms, lots of popcorn, but “nothing dangerous.” He knew as the tour came to an end that Hawkins was going to get him back. “Down comes ping-pong balls and glitter, which was kinda weird – it was okay, but kinda weird,” he said. “Then like 500 pounds of spaghetti! That was like snakes falling on you, for a long time. It did not stop, it was all over the drums… they got me really good.”

The Foo Fighters’ current tour runs until Oct. 18.

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