Remember those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books when you were a kid? We read them a lot back in the day and always managed to pick the worst endings first. Chairlift have revealed the visual equivalent with the video for their latest single, 'Met Before.'

The Brooklyn-based duo have teamed up with director Jordan Fish and creative firm m ss ng p eces to deliver the possible future of music videos. The innovative clip allows viewers to decide different outcomes of how the story unfolds through arrow cues that can be clicked on.

The amount of different possibilities are quite impressive. You can let Chairlift explore the woods, play with bees, make a scientific breakthrough, experience a psychedelic 'shroom trip, and more branching plot lines that will leave you glued to your computer for awhile. It doesn't hurt that we get to follow adorable singer Caroline Polacheck while listening to her dreamy vocals. As with our terrible 'Choose Your Own Adventure' adventures , we unintentionally killed off a character on our first take. Oops.

So, how does it work?

"Whenever arrows appear onscreen, you can use your arrow keys, or click directly on an arrow, to choose the direction the main character takes," Fish tells The Guardian. "Once a version is created, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter and repeat the process to create a multitude of different videos."

The director admits that the actual conception of the project was more of an endeavor than shooting and editing. "The treatment wasn't a linear script, it was a flowchart, which looks like a big branching tree of choices," describes Fish. "In the end, the planning process was probably more time-consuming than the shoot or the edit, compared to a non-interactive video."

As far as the future for making music video goes, m ss ng p eces CEO Ari Kuschnir believes their creation will definitely be noticed in the industry. "There are new technologies forming every day that change the way we think and interact," he says. "This is definitely an exciting new form of storytelling that is sure to shake things up."

Click on the button below to watch 'Met Before' and see what kind of adventures you can create. The song is taken from Chairlift's latest album, 'Something,' which was released back in January. The group will be back on the road on March 26 in Boston for a North American tour that caps off May 8 in New York.