Minneapolis duo Champion Ships is an electronic collaboration between two unlikely friends -- Garrison Grouse and Samuel Spadino. The latter is an actor, writer and stand-up comedian, while Grouse has been funkifying the Minnesota scene for years.

So what brings these two together? For starters: their knack for dark, chill-inducing electro-pop. The band's single 'Never Understand You' straddles the fine line between club banger and melancholy New Wave jam. If you're into icy synths, this tune is for you.

"Garrison and I have been friends for a few years, and I always knew he was super talented; he's always played in a lot of bands and produced tracks for lots of people," Spadino tells Diffuser.fm. "I was just lucky enough to get invited into his studio, and some magic happened."

"It was a really cool impromptu thing that we threw together on a mutual day off in a four-hour session, and it's grown into a more serious project," he adds.

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